Molding & Plastic parts
Molding & Plastic parts

Quick Details

  • Type: Other Home Appliance Parts
  • Place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: CDX or customized
  • Model Number: CDX-K141001
  • Material: ABS, PC, PS, PP, PVC, TPR, TPU, TPE, etc
  • Surface Treatment: Color Painting, Texture, Silk Printing, as you required
  • Certificate: FDA, RoHS
  • Mould Leadtime: 3-6 Weeks
  • Mould Life: 100, 000-1, 000, 000 Shots
  • Injection capacity: 120tons-850tons
  • Standard: ISO 9001:2000
  • Applied Software: Pro/E, Auto CAD 2000, solid work 2001, CAXA, UG, CAD, CAM
  • Production Capacity: 500, 000 pcs/month
  • Applied Industry: auto parts, household application, furniture accessory, etc

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Standard Export Packing or as Per Request
Delivery Detail: 3-6 weeks

Product Name: Plastic Injection for Home Appliances Parts


u  Precision Injection Molding: From design consultancy & prototype tooling to high-volume world-class production

u  Parts are widely used: Industrial, Automotive, Electronics & Medical

Technical Skills – Development, Design Skills

l  Design Consultation & Assistance

l  Pro/E, CAD/CAM/CAE including Solid Works(TM) and mold flow analysis

l  Material Selection Assistance

l  Quick turn-around prototype support

l  Secondary Operations including machining, welding & assembly

Molding – High Precision, High Concern

l  Plastic Decorating: In-Mold Decorating (in-mold labeling), pad printing & hot stamping

l  40 Molding machines from 80TONS to 1400TONS

l  High precision molding from medical to fiber optics components


Secondary Operations – Value Added Service

l  Pad Printing

l  Sonic Welding

l  Assembly & Packaging

Injection Molding Capability

u  Material: PA, PA6, PA+FG, ABS, FR ABS, POM, PC, PS, PP, PVC, TPR, TPU, TPE, HDPE, PMMA etc.

u  Mold Cavity: Single or Multi-cavity

u  Mold Base: LKM or Equivalent Standard mold base

u  Core Steel: NAK80 prehardened steel, 718, 718H, P20, S136 etc.

u  Injection Machine Size: 40sets range from 80TONS to 1400TONS

u  Max Mold Size: 1500mm x 1300mm

u  Product Unit Weight: From 0.1gram to 10,000grams

u  Tooling Lead-time: 3-7 weeks

u  Production Lead-time: 2-4 weeks

u  Mold Life: 50,000shots to 500,000shots

u  Surface Treatment: Chrome Plating, Silk-Printing, Laser Etching, Texture, Color Painting, etc.

Material Name




Lightweight, Heat Resistance, High Chemical Resistance, Scratch Resistance, Natural Waxy Appearance, Tough and Stiff, Low Cost

Automobile (Bumpers, Covers, Trim), Bottles, Caps, Crates, Handles, Housings.


Strong, Rigid, Excellent Fatigue Resistance, Excellent Creep Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Moisture Resistance, Naturally Opaque White, Low/Medium Cost

Bearings, Cams, Gears, Handles, Plumbing Components, Rollers, Rotors, Slide Guides, Valves


Very Tough, Temperature Resistance, Dimensional Stability, Transparent, High Cost

Automobile (Panels, Lenses, Consoles), Bottles, Containers, Housings, Light Covers, Reflectors, Safety Helmets and Shields


Tough, Very High Chemical Resistance, Clear, Very High Cost



Strong, Flexible, Low Mold Shrinkage (Tight Tolerance), Chemical Resistance, Applicable for Electroplating, Naturally Opaque, Low/Medium Cost

Automobile (Consoles, Panels, Trim, Vents), Boxes, Gauges, Housings, Inhalers, Toys


High Strength, Fatigue Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Low Creep, Low Friction, Almost Opaque/White, Medium/High Cost

Bearings, Bushings, Gears, Rollers, Wheels


High Strength, Fatigue Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Low Creep, Low Friction, Almost Opaque/White, Medium/High Cost

Handles, Levers, Small Housings, Zip Ties


Rigid, Heat Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Medium/High Cost

Automobile (Filters, Handles, Pumps), Bearings, Cams, Electrical Components (Connectors, Sensors), Gears, Housings, Rollers, Switches, Valves


Tough, Flexible, Flame Resistance, Transparent or Opaque, Low Cost

Electrical Insulation, Household wares, Medical Tubing, Shoe Soles, Toys


Tough and Stiff, Excellent Chemical Resistance, Natural Waxy Appearance, Low Cost

Chair Seats, Housings, Covers, Containers


Rigid, Brittle, Scratch Resistance, Transparent, Optical Clarity, Low/Medium Cost

Display Stands, Knobs, Lenses, Light Housings, Panels, Reflectors, Signs, Shelves, Trays